Site's NOT Dead

No, I've not abandoned this site.

I've not abandoned this site, I've just been stuck in a somewhat strange state of being too busy to actually write up any new posts due to things like work, school, and trying to get in shape.
I've actually even had a bit of a change of heart too, changing from using Linux exclusively to using various forms of BSD exclusively, it's just impossible to resist the call of those awesome filesystems, like HAMMER and ZFS.
I'm now working full time as a salaried employee in the network management department of my company. Time is still likely going to be a factor in how frequently I can crank out new posts, but if you like what I have, there should be an RSS feed available to notify you when I actually get around to publishing these things. I have no intention of making any money from this site, so don't worry about ads or tracking policies. The only data I collect is the default analytics to give me an idea of how many people are actually interested in what I'm writing, and which pages are getting the most love.

If you'd like to see my thoughts in a more free-form format, with almost no structure, feel free to check out a Mastodon instance I help maintain over at where I'm @architect, would love to have a larger community of technology and open source enthusiasts.